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Resilience and ‘Social Tipping Points’

Jointly with Jennifer Hodbod (Michigan State University), I am co-leading a project on conceptualizing social tipping points in the context of the study of resilience in social-ecological systems. We are interested in the use of the term ‘tipping point’ and related concepts, such as thresholds, regime shifts and critical transitions, across multiple disciplines.

Related Publications:

  • Milkoreit, M. (forthcoming). Resilience Science. In Castree, N, Hulme, M. and Proctor, J (eds.) The Companion to Environmental Studies, Routledge Publishing.
  • Milkoreit, M. Moore, M-L., Schoon, M, Meek, C. L. (2015). Resilience Scientists as Change Makers – Growing the Middle Ground Between Science and Advocacy? Environmental Science and Policy, 87-95.
  • Milkoreit, M. (2015). Science and Climate Change Diplomacy – Cognitive Limits and the Need to Reinvent Science Communication. In Patman, R.G. and Davis, L. (eds.) Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?, Chapter 6, World Scientific.

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